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Immigration Report Canada is a very diverse country. Meaning there is are people from all over the world. Immigration is a huge part of Canada, and Canada wouldn’t be the same without it. There are a lot of people who immigrate to Canada from all over the world for many different reasons. A lot of the people who are here now, were not originally from Canada. We all have stories on how and why we came here. In this report, I will tell you the story of how my family came to Canada from Malaysia. My family’s immigration story is made up of push and pull factors, how they came, and how they adapted. This is my family’s immigration story. My family’s immigration story has many push and pull factors. The main reasons my parents immigrated to Canada is that they wanted to try a different country’s lifestyle, and that Canada gave more job opportunities. They wanted to try Canada’s lifestyle, because Canada is a more developed country than Malaysia. Furthermore, since Canada is a more developed country, it has more jobs and opportunities. The reason they moved to Canada out of anywhere else in the world, is because Canada is very welcoming to immigrants and very friendly. …show more content…

My mom immigrated to Canada before my dad. Her family wanted a change of scenery and to find more opportunity, so they decided to move from Malaysia to another country. At the time there were mainly two countries that welcomed immigrants. These two countries were Canada and Australia. Her family ended up going to Canada in 1986, because my grandma already had some relatives living here. My mom went to university in Canada, and lived with her parents. She graduated from university in Canada. Then in 1996, my mom went back to Malaysia to visit her grandma, and stayed there for 4 years, and within those 4 years she met my dad. In 2000, my mom and my dad moved to Canada together. They first stayed in

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