Difference Between Chinese Culture And Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a part of China, but this two places have different and contrast of the culture nature.
Hong Kong, the culture can be described as a foundation that began with China, and then became more influenced by British colonialism. Therefore, Hong Kong develop an identity of as its own, a unique and fusion of Chinese and Western cultures.
China, the culture of the People 's Republic of China is an ample and sundry mix of traditional was influenced by Chinese culture with communist and other international modern and post-modern.
Since Hong Kong and China are having different culture, and there are many news report that the conflict between Hong Kong people and Chinese, so it affects the way Hong Kong people interact with and perceive the mainland today.

For the theoretical review, Hofstede compared to the cultural as onion. In other words, there are many layers that differentiate Symbols, Heroes, Rituals, Values and from outside to the inside. The Onion Model, there are a number of interpretations of this model and the simplest one consists of four key layers.

First, in the most external is Symbols. The outer layers, symbols, represent that people can see, touch and hear it. Symbols are words, pictures, gestures, or objects that link with a particular meaning, such as flags, architecture or traditional clothing. Also, Symbols are only recognized by those who share the culture, and significant to represent.
For the China, their Symbols meanings permeate the cities and

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