Similarities Between Thailand And US Culture

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The world is diverse and filled with so many different types of cultures. Many are specific for a certain country or often seen worldwide. It also depends on their history. For example, Thailand is a unique country with a cultured filled history. They can be compared and contrasted with other cultures, for example,the U.S. culture. There are many ideals that can be compared between Thai and U.S. culture, and a couple of them are social systems, social relationships, and education.
To begin with, Thailand and the U.S. have different thoughts and ideas on social systems. Thailand believes in the social system of collectivism. Collectivism where nothing matters in relation of race, ethnic, or religion. Also they believe in putting other needs higher than self. Collectivism originates from a Buddhist philosophy. Buddhism is a frequently noticed religion throughout eastern Asia. Collectivism focuses on the importance of family and having honor. In other words, if someone disrespects their society, their whole family gets shamed. It also encourages supporting the poor and participating in good deeds. They consider family as the center of support and beliefs, for example, people of this culture would sacrifice himself to become more connected with family and those close to them. Also since family is important for collectivism, Thai believe that it is important for younger members to take care of their elders. This values the importance of those before us and

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