How Did The American Revolution Affect Canada

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The rise of nationalism in the revolutions of Canada, France and America constructed and strengthened the identity of their citizens. This identity developed and continues to develop over time due to influences such as internal revolts and wars. In the French, Canadian and American revolutions, the identity of the citizens changed drastically as the government, economy and way of life was rethought. This newfound nationalism succeeded or supplemented religion and replaced the old institutions that were in place. It also paved the way for the modern nations of the United States of America, France and Canada.
In France, the common people were united by the pursuit of equal government and rights for all. Prior to this revolution, there was a …show more content…

This slow but steady change started during the War of 1812, when French Canadian settlers, British colonists, American Loyalists, freed slaves and Indigenous groups fought together to defend their homeland from American troops. Although Canada wouldn’t become independent from Britain until 1867, the War of 1812 brought together the people living in the colonies and “They did not fight the Americans because they were commanded to by the British, but rather as defenders of Canada.” (Russel Yost, “How Did The War of 1812 Affect Canada,” n.d, section 3, para. 2). Another pivotal event in the creation of the Canadian identity happened after the rebellions in Lower and Upper Canada from 1837-1838. Because of these revolts, Upper and Lower Canada were united under one name and government: British North America. This brought together French and British colonists and paved the way for the multicultural national identity we have today. Although the change in identity and increase in nationalism in Canada happened much more gradually than in America and France, our identity still changed to a great extent even before the

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