How Did Ww1 Change Canada

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Canada as a country has changed a lot throughout the years. One of the biggest causes of these changes is WWI. The war caused the Conscription Crisis which had a lot of consequences, Canada's identity was changed forever because of WWI and The Roaring Twenties” did not represent the First Nations, Métis and Inuit experiences after the war. The Canadian Conscription Crisis during WWI had a lot of consequences for the country although Canada didn't have much of a choice. They were very low on volunteers for soldiers. No one wanted to get involved in the war, especially the French. In fact, less than 5% of the volunteers were French. Since no one wanted to go to war the government had to force them, this caused some problems. A Quebec man got arrested for not having his conscription papers on him and it caused a riot. At this point, English and French Canadians were completely divided. After the war, the Conservative Party found it hard to get votes from Quebec. That's why the conscription crisis had a big effect on Canada. …show more content…

WWI was the bloodiest conflict in Canadian history, it killed over 61,000 Canadians. The war also deepened the divide between the English and French Canadians. They wanted nothing to do with each other and they didn't for a while. Although the war had a lot of negative effects on Canada some good things came out of it. Tons of victories and achievements in the war ignited national pride in the country. It gave Canada confidence that it could stand on its own apart from the British Empire. WWI also gave some women the right to vote and work jobs they usually couldn't while the men were away. Those are some ways Canada changed after the

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