Canadian Militia Pre Ww1 Essay

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The young Dominion of Canada at the turn of the 19th century had no active professional military service. The Canadian militia was a social institution that provided an amateur paramilitary service to aid in domestic issues and uprisings. As a dominion to the British empire, the onset of World War One propelled the inexperienced militia force into the horrific realities of trench warfare in the European theatre. With few expectations from the major powers in the war, Canada established itself as a strong and reputable force in the trench of Ypres. Throughout the entire First World War Canadians would demonstrate through the trenches of the Western front of Ypres, Vimy Ridge and countless other combats that the Canadian armed forces were evolving into a mature and respected professional military organization.
Canadian Militia Pre WW1 The history of the Canadian military stems from a modest militia beginning. Before Confederation, each province had their own individual militia that was united as a whole after the Militia Act of 1868. The united Canadian militia provided the government with a paramilitary service domestically and internationally. But this act did little to modernize or improve a system in which had not been changed since the 1700s. Following Canada’s successful participation in South Africa, Canadians
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The inexperienced Canadian militia endured a steep learning curve but maintained a strong work ethic and the perseverance to succeed. The improvements of the Canadian Corp can be studied through battles such as of Vimy Ridge. At the battle of Vimy Ridge, 15000 Canadians rose out of the trenches to obtain an unprecedented victory as all four divisions of the Canadian Corp captured the objective of Vimy Ridge. Following the battle, Brigadier-General A.E Ross declared, “in those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a
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