Thirty Years Of War Analysis

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Thirty years of war by J.L ganatstien, is an article that represents and emphasizes the fact that Canada became a strong, powerful and a united country after the harsh and the deadly conflicts of the two world wars. Canadians and the ally’s and all other country and knew by the end of the war that what Canada was capable of doing by itself, which was demonstrated through every Canadian soldier/officers who fought during the wars and helped other country to win wars by outstanding thinking strategies.

Shaping of Canada into a strong and powerful could have been staring from the beginning only when Canada went to war for the first time in 1914 with only a population of few thousand people. Canada was a British colony which was based with …show more content…

Canadian contribution changed the whole atmosphere since Canada had more than 620,000 men and few thousand nurses just 4 years after the world war 1 started. Hundred days during and under the General Currie was the greatest contribution to all the Allied force. General Currie claimed that his four division has smashed one quarter of the German army in the west. The Canadians had made such a positive impact that were quoted as, “shock troops of the British Empire” by Shane Schreiber. By the 1914 no one could believe what Canada was actually capable of, people started thinking that Canada’s was expanding and succeeding on the western/advance grounds. Canada was powerful and strong enough that it was one of the members to sign the Treaty of Versailles, which lead it in to the league of nations and Canada had become a Virtual independence colony. Towards the end of war Canada introduces taxes, profit taxes and other government services like that for the people still at back home. Another representing moment for Canada when it started producing basic equipment of the modern trench warfare, Canada started getting involved in shipping for countless shells overseas including aircrafts, ships, trucks and other weaponry rolled off the lines. Canadian farmers and miners shipped their products overseas for a good price. Another honorable moment for Canada was when the during the beginning of the world war 2 kings opinion and thought was about keeping Canada along side the British in order to claim victory, it proved that the king knew about the strength and the capabilities of the Canadian men and soldier, an year after fighting along with Britishers Canada spend time with the US resolving the problem, the ties between two nation started getting stronger and hence they

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