Vimy Ridge Essay

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The Canadian Corps’ Greatest Victory at Vimy Ridge

Canadians have much to be proud of when considering our memorable past events. Canadians have participated in many wars in which we have had great impact like WWI and WWII. Our combatants have been through blood, sweat and tears in keeping our nation safe and there is a lot that Canadians should acknowledge and become more aware of. What does it mean to have the title “greatest”. To be the greatest it must be the best most amazing accomplishment to be pulled off and in terms of war we can focus on effectiveness, speed and strategy of the battle. Well throughout the gritty battling of WWI the Canadian nation had fought in many battles to become memorable. Canadians should recognize the Battle …show more content…

On April 12 the allies attacked the nicknamed “pimple” because it was the height of the Ridge pushing back the Germans about three kilometres the allies then full control of Vimy Ridge and got the strategic overview of the front lines. In the battle there were 100 000 Canadians and 10 600 casualties were 3 600 were deaths. The Canadian victory was so great that Brigadier-General Alexander Ross would famously say " . . . in those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a nation". The victorious Canadian capture of Vimy Ridge helped out the British third army to the southern advancement of Europe as the website of “Veterans Affairs Canada” would say “Vimy Ridge was a particularly important tactical feature. Its capture by the Canadians was essential to the advances by the British Third Army to the south and of exceptional importance to checking the German attacks in the area in …show more content…

John Pattison - Captain Thain MacDowell. The most notable recognition of the Canadian war efforts would be the creation of the ‘Canadian National Vimy Memorial’. The memorial site was made in Vimy at officially opened on July 26, 1926 to commemorate the Canadians forces who have fallen during battle. John Boileau, a man in support of the statement that the Battle of Vimy Ridge was our greatest, said “The last memorial is, of course, Allward’s great monument on Vimy Ridge, designated as the Canadian National Vimy Memorial… it is unquestionably the most inspiring and striking of all war memorials of all nations on the entire Western

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