Why Did Canada Alter Ww2

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Canada’s influence in Europe allowed them to help to alter the course of World War II through their courage and bravery in many battles, including Juno Beach, Ortona, and the failure of Dieppe. Throughout the war, they came alongside the British out of their own accord to protect their homeland and Britain’s Homeland. For the duration of the war and through Juno Beach, Ortona, and Dieppe, Canadians helped to alter the outcome of the war in technology and tactics, they forged a determination and resilience that came with a sense of national pride about their new identity as Canadians, and the contribution to European theatre though manpower, equipment, and armoured vehicles. All these factors allowed Canada to emerge and become a world power …show more content…

As Canada’s economy progressed to become one of the largest in the world, their exports grew and by the end of the war they had the fifth largest navy and the fourth largest air force in the world. A fierce determination grew inside many Canadians after the failure at Dieppe where almost 60% of the men that landed on the beaches were killed, captured or wounded. Canadians believed that Dieppe had been a major disaster, which it was, but many British authorities deemed that “for every man that was killed in [the raid on] Dieppe saved the lives of 10 at Normandy.” Dieppe was a battle that Canadians never forgot, and it produced a determined country. After Normandy and the capture of Dieppe, they gave a parade in the middle of the war to those men who had died almost two years earlier. The determination that the Canadians showed in Juno Beach also demonstrates an invigorating spirit to push the Germans out of France. Canadian grit was demonstrated in John Keegan, a British Historian’s own words, “At the end of the day, its forwards elements stood deeper in France than those of any other division. The opposition the Canadians faced that day was stronger than that of any beach save Omaha. That was an accomplishment the whole nation could take considerable

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