Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada

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In 1945 World War two had come to an end. Canada, a great contributor to the war, had many challenges to face and overcome post war. A major part of these challenges were environmental challenges, which Canada primarily encountered from 1945 - 1982. The main environmental challenges include: pollution of the great lakes, mining, and deforestation. The Great Lakes had many benefits for Canada, which include: the transportation of goods, home for many aquatic species, and the provision of drinking water. Although, the lakes provided a great abundance to Canada they became over polluted after World War two, leading to a challenge Canada had to face. As a result “The Canadian Government became aware of the pollution in the great great lakes, to reduce the problem the Great Lakes Water Quality and Clean Water Act were created.” ( The Acts helped reduce the amount of PCBs, raw sewage, and mercury in the lake. The creation of both Acts proves that pollution in the …show more content…

As the years progressed and the ages evolved, the demand for minerals and ores increased. The high demand resulted in a faster process and worse environmental conditions, when mining. These mining strategies posed a threat towards Canada’s environment and created a challenge the country had to face. The strategies created “erosion, sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, contamination of soil, ground and surface water.” ( The negative results of mining proves that it posed a threat towards Canada’s environment. The effects resulted in the Environmental Movement in Canada to target mining processes that could be harmful of the environment. Mining in Canada created an environmental challenge that Canada had to posses because of the harmful side effects produced in the process. This resulted in Canada rethinking the mining process in order to conserve the natural

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