Pebble Mine Pros And Cons

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The pebble Mine in Alaska has some pros and a lot of cons for the world if the mine was approved by the government. The pros are economically rich in minerals for devices and purposes. The cons list the disruptions of nature and the people who live off the land.

The pros are economic benefit. The only legitimate reason on why the Pebble Mine will do any good is because of the copper and gold itself. It will make the price of copper and gold decline and give more use to electronic devices, jewelry, and other important things. It will also give the economy profit. Those are the only reasons that state why Pebbles Mine will benefit anything.

The bad things that would happen way overcome any of the good things that would happen if the mine was given permission by the government. Some of the problems would be economical, cultural, and environmental. The Bristol Bay Fishing Industry caught about one hundred fifty million dollars worth of sockeye salmon and was still drowning in fish. People have been fishing in Bristol Bay for thousands of years. The fishing corporations employ thousands of people every year which benefits the people by putting money in their pocket, food on the table, and also helps the government. Tourism in Bristol Bay brings millions of dollars each year. And if the mine gets the …show more content…

And so have their ancestors. The tradition of them living off of the fish will be gone. Alaska has very clean water and that is why it is very rich in wildlife. If the Pebble Mine is approved, acid drainage will occur and leave the crystal clean water polluted with many bad chemicals. The chemicals ruin the salmon's sense of smell which will kill them. It will leave them vulnerable. They will not be able to sense predators or prey. If they can not sense their predators, they will be attached more easily. And if they can not sense their prey, they will go more

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