Ploude 4: The Changes In Yuma Arizona

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Zachary birmingham
Ploude 4
The changes in yuma arizona.
The changes throughout yuma in irrigation. How much yuma had gain and lost land and population. If it was a positive impact or a negative impact. Also the cost of irrigation and how it was beneficial to yuma. Things that has helped yma and southern arizona.
Describe in detail how irrigation changed yuma/ southern arizona? They way how irrigation chance yuma arizona. When irrigation first started in 1912. Since then they had low amount of farms, acres. And number of towns. Those number started to increase little by little through the years. Starting in 1915 the numbers spiked up from 1,504 to 2,036 in farm population. After 1915 the number were somewhat steady they weren't jumping …show more content…

The yuma project both had positive and negative impacts. Some negative impacts to yuma is from the steamboat business. The brought and gave good to yuma and went through the colorado river because yuma was mostly a flood plain at a constant level. But with them building the dam the water level would lower down making it harder to be at a safe distance from the ground. They also cannot pass through because there is going to be a dam in there way. Which would cause them to go out of business. Which means we lose more money. Which would cause yuma to lose more money. One of the positive impacts was the increase of irrigation in yuma. After the built the dam farm land increased by a lot. Because after they built a dam the water levels decreased. Causing more land to appear to use. So they used it for irrigation which gave them more farm land. Which they got more crops, which they used to get more money. The money was used for city to make more towns. Which is used for more people. Which gave a giant increase to yuma county. Another positive impact on yuma from the project. When the gold rush happen they put yuma on the map. Since they built the dam, yuma became a bigger city which a lot of people passed through it to get to the gold rush. So when all of those people go and pass through they decided to put yuma on the map. Which gave it more attention so more people came through and check it out. So more people started to stay and the town's population became bigger. Which made yuma need more food and money and that is where irrigation come out of to help make more

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