Canadian Women's Contribution To Canada Essay

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In 1939, no one thought that women, who weren 't even considered people decades before, would have such a massive impact in the Second World War. Canadian women 's contribution to the war effort, and their role at the home front and overseas had greatly increased since the previous, devastating First World War. The Second World War brought change to Canadian women on an unpredictable scale, though their volunteer work, paid labour force, and their contributions in the armed forces. Surely without the contributions made by the Canadian women, Canada and her allies would not have been as successful as they were. By far, the prime contribution made by Canadian women to the war effort came through their unpaid labour as volunteer work. Right after Canada entered into the war, women across the country took …show more content…

Canadian women also played a large role in the civilian paid labour force, because war productions increased demand for labour. At the start of the war, about 600,000 Canadian women held stable jobs in the private sector. By 1943, the amount of women with jobs doubled, surpassing 1.2 million.[3] Women rapidly gained an excellent reputation for their mechanical dexterity and fine precision due to their smaller stature. Despite the fact that there were hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers in Canada, due to the Great Depression, Canada still needed a greater labour force to be able to support Canada and her allies ' troops. When the Prime Minister of Canada, being William Lyon Mackenzie King established the National Selective Service in March of 1942, he declared that the recruitment of women for employment to be "the most important single factor of the program". Without the help of women in the labour force, Canada would not have been able to support their troops with a lot of necessary equipment for the war, which included ammunition, guns, and planes. The help of women in the civilian paid labour force was another essential contribution to

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