How Did The Twenties Roar In Canada

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The 1920’s was one of the greatest decades of change. From personal life to political life, lots happened. Many historians have called it the roaring twenties. Clearly, the twenties did roar. The first aspect of change that occurred in the twenties was prohibition. Prohibition banned the production and sale of Alcohol in Canada. Many viewed bars as places of drunkenness and misery . Bars were also a place that men could waste a lot of money at. Therefore, banning it created peace and stopped men from wasting their money. This also benefited the health of many. In the mid 1920’s, prohibition was repealed and defeated. Instead of bringing back the laws, the Ontario government began selling alcohol through the LCBO . Even though prohibition …show more content…

First, in 1921, the first woman was elected as the first female Member of Parliament . More women were making up the labor force, they were being recognized as ‘persons’, and they were able to play sports . All these changes made women feel like a part of the country. Women were able to make a valuable contribution, which benefited Canada. Throughout the twenties, a group of women petitioned women being persons . This was a huge advancement because these women spoke up for themselves and the rights of all women. By doing so, women felt empowered and that they mattered in society. All these progressions in the twenties created a more accepting society of women and started a change of making women as …show more content…

During the First World War, Canada focused money on the army, equipment and other ways to help Britain/France. After the war, Canada had to recover, and the economy started to grow. The economy helped debt, which benefitted Canada. Part of this growth was from primary industries like oil, wheat, pulp and paper . Canada started exporting goods, so other countries started contributing the wealth of our country . This created allies for the future; therefore, benefiting Canada. As well, new technologies, like the car, boomed. This growth created more and more jobs, lowering unemployment and raising gross national product. Many people were investing at the time and stocks were skyrocketing. All of these contributing factors helped the country get out of debt, the available jobs and people’s quality of life. This change was the most important factor of change and contributed to Canada

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