Prohibition And Immigration In The 1920's

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The 1920’s was an interesting time in American history. This era was also known as the roaring twenties. Although it is remembered as a fond time before the Great Depression there was also a lot of conflicts arising, Cultural conflicts in particular were at the center. Prohibition and Immigration were two of the main cultural conflicts during this time period. During the 1920’s alcohol was beginning to be viewed as a problem. Many groups complained about the various effects it had on culture. Women complained that their husbands would get drunk and beat their wife or children. In the business world managers and company owners complained that alcohol was the cause of men coming in late and coming in drunk or hungover which directly affected …show more content…

The Red Scare in particular made the entirety of American Society anti immigration. The Red Scare was the growing fear of the U.S. having a rise in Communism. There was also a large concern about the growing amount of immigrants coming into the U.S.. To combat this the U.S. established the Emergency Quota Act in 1921 the act established a limit on the number of immigrants accepted from each country. The U.S. would take 3 percent of the population of residents from the origin country into the U.S. each year. This act was later replaced with the Immigration Act of 1924 which changed the quota from 3 percent to 2 percent. The only exception to this quota was canadian and latin American immigrants. The immigration conflict also grew from immigrants taking jobs and housing in the U.S. this caused tension and resentment towards immigrants. The fear and resentment of immigrants caused a rise in KKK membership. The outcome of the Immigration conflict was a restriction on immigration into the U.S. and racial tensions rose against immigrants. Prohibition and Immigration conflicts in the 1920’s were linked. The Italian mafia was under attack and a lot of its members fled to the U.S.. They organized the crime in the U.S. and created the mob. The mob made most of it 's money off of running speakeasies and bootlegging liquor. This was easy money since everyone was ignoring prohibition and wanted

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