Crimes Of Prohibition In The 1920's

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It was 1920 in America and new amendment had been added to the constitution. It was called Prohibition. Prohibition was a law that made it illegal to sell, produce,import and consume alcohol. Many crimes occurred in 1920 that were alcohol related, so it was thought that if alcohol was banned, then crime rates would drop. How very wrong they were. By the age of 26 Al Capone was the king of the gangster world in Chicago. Al Capone killed anyone that got in his way. Al Capone was responsible for more than 1000 deaths, he killed policemen, politicians, and other gangsters. Capone would even kill his own men if they didn’t obey his orders. Al Capone sold alcohol to millions of drinkers, he became the most powerful gangster in the world. Prisons…show more content…
Johnston got to work right away. Since Alcatraz already had an old prison, Johnston replaced the prison’s old iron bars with new steel ones, then came the new buildings, radios and telephones. Now guards could communicate with each other from any point on the island. Guard towers came next with huge search lights. Johnston wanted to make Alcatraz escape proof. Johnston had holes in the ceiling for tear gas in case prisoners rioted. He then build huge steel boxes that hang high on the ceiling that guards could sit in and point a machine gun through small holes 27/7. Electric doors and gates came next. Then metal detectors were placed all throughout the prison, prisoners passed through these at least eight times a day. A huge control center was then built, all weapons were kept here, a single man was in the control center 24 hours, this man could hear every sound in the prison through tiny microphones that were placed all throughout the prison. The man could hear of a phone was off the hook for 15 seconds. Prisoners got counted 12 times a day and every thing was reported the man at the control center. The guards of Alcatraz were carefully picked they knew judo and other types of defense they were expert shots. Alcatraz had one guard for every three prisoners, this was unusual at the timebecause typically there was one guard for every 10 prisoners. Guards were at every door and stair well and watched the roads, they stood watch…show more content…
I doubt I’ll stay long.” Teddy Cole was a murder and a kidnapper. He was sent to Alcatraz for fifty years. Teddy Cole and Ralph Roe; and bank robber teamed up in December 1937. They sawed bars off of a window and kicked out two panes of glass, they jumped 20 feet off a clif and then another 30 into the San Francisco Bay, they were never seen again. 25 years later three men named John and Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris tried to escape. 25 years prior when Alcatraz was first bulid it’s walls were brand new and in perfect condition, after 25 years San Francisco’s salty sea air had eroded the walls, now they could be chipped with a spoon! The three men had a perfect esacpe plan. They made model heads with newspaper, wire and their own hair, so they could be working without being caught. They spend months digging out the back walls of their cells. They hid their tools in the halls they had dug out they replaced their cells’s grates with fake one made out of card board. On June 11, 1962 they made their escape, they sneaked from floor to floor through their hidden halls behind the cells, they made their way to the roof. From there they headed to the north of the island where they made a boat out of rain coats and went into the sea. Just like Teddy Cole and Ralph Roe, they were never seen again. No bodies were ever found. On May 2, 1946 there was a riot at Alcatraz, the prisoners took control for 48
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