How Did John Dillinger Lead To The Devil

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John Dillinger is an amazing character who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. “”He was a modern day Robin Hood””(During the 1930’s). Johnny had a very restricted childhood. John's mother Molly Dillinger died at the age of 37; he was only 3 when she had a stroke that led to her death. Before her passing she had 2 sons and a daughter. John was the youngest; their father grew fawned of the eldest to leave the others in the dust. Sometimes John's father would lock John up for multiple days in the house until he returned. While John was still a child he was in and out of multiple cop cars. He would vandalize city property, steele from convenience stores, and had a very bewildering attitude. Dew to his defiant attitude his father sent him …show more content…

Most of his safe houses have pushed him into the cold dew to the high bounty and the threat of harvesting a fugitive. He hide mostly in motels and hotels jumping around throughout the months. While the gang lays low; the police department is on the heels of John and his gang. They cautiously still managed to get money from robbing banks in Ohio. On January 23, 1934 there was a fire that broke out in the hotel where John’s gang was hiding out.The fire made the men scurry like rats threw the hotel to make them very easy to spot by civilians and police men. While they tried to escape a police officer was shot by a gang member. Now they have killed more than 4 police officers and are still running from the law to only make themselves more wanted dead or alive. The gang was almost out of the hotel when they get stopped by the police and put under arrest. John was put in Crown Point Prison that was “Escape proof”. March 3rd 1934 John had made a plan. He had carved a wooden gun with a metal tip and painted it black with shoe polish while in prison. Using the wooden gun John forced the guards to open his cell doors so he could escape. Believing that John had a actual gun in his hand the men did as he said. When he steps out of the cell John takes both of their rifles and shotguns and locked the door behind him. While in the shoes of most prison members dreams he sneaks thru the prison without a hitch and decides to steal a sheriff's car. In the menace of his glory he drives across the indiana state line unaware that he was committing a crime.Since he crossed the state line John committed a federal offense. He was charged with Theft and interstate transportation of the sheriff's vehicle. While Dillinger and his gang set out to restart the “business” the FBI was shocked by this mockery and decided to put a end to it. Melvin Purvis was

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