How Did The Space Race Influence Canada

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After few years of alliance between The Soviet Union and The US. However, the peaceful was broken very soon when two superpowers got into a cold war which they were totally enemies in someways. Lots of issues occurred during such period, one of them was the Space Race. Vast number of innovations and high technology was coming out at the same time. Truly, those innovations did influence Canada in different fields during the period of Space Race. It influenced Canadian citizens’ lives a lot, simulating the cooperations with other counties and it also benefited the world a lot as well. Innovations could bring people a better life. Indeed, the high-tech products and new technology coming from the Space Race period did make the Canadian people’s lives much more handy as well as it objectively increased the self-confident of being a …show more content…

During the Space Race between SU and US, Canada still played a middle power but with an important role. It was considered that Canada was the third power and occupied the third place in the Space Race. Eight astronauts who came rom Canada were sent into the space which was almost half of the entire astronauts who participated. Also, the innovations that manufactured by Canadians were pretty sophisticated as well. For the example that hardware STEM benefit the entire Space Race with in a world-class quality. Therefor, the reputations for Canadian companies were increasing obviously. Meanwhile, It was quiet easy to see that people were using the satellite to forecast the weather conditions , using the laptops to calculate and manage the files and the GPS to navigate new locations with the direction on the map. Those special and convenient products were invented during the Space Race. Professor Benjamin used to say that the satellite provide Canadians with the information to study the planet’s resources and the essential data about weather. The new technology changed

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