Tecumseh: A Military Leader

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Tecumseh was a very great leader for his people.Most people believed he was a military leader. His birthdate was March 1768 at Scioto River,OH. Tecumseh died on October 5,1813. His place of death was at Moravian of the Thames,Canada. White men called him Tecumseh which means “Shooting Star”. His real name was Tecumtha.He was a Native American chief. For war of 1812 him and his followers they decided to join the British to fight the United States. He was killed in the Battle of Thames in Canada on October 5,1813. Tecumseh grew up amidst the border warfare that ravaged the Ohio Valley in the last quarter of the 18 century. His father Puckeshinwa, was also a war chief.His father was killed in the Battle of Port Pleasant during the French and …show more content…

Brant inspired tribes to use their knowledge and guard their territory against the white men. In 1791 Tecumseh led a scouting party. That scouting party was against the US General Arthur St. Clair. This war was at the Battle of the Wabash. On the Battle of the Wabash 952 of 1000 American soldiers were killed. Tecumseh had a very small continent of few tribesmen. Tecumseh had around 1808 tribesmen. When him and men traveled they decided to join his brother Tenskwatawa. Tenskwatawa became a prominent Native American religious leader. On June 1,1812 the US congress declared war on Great Britain. At the Northwest Territory,the different Native Americans tribes allegiances split. Tecumseh’s part moved his small band of warriors to Michigan to assist British Major-General Sir Isaac Brock in the Siege of Detroit. Tecumseh victory at the Detroit would be short lived. In 1813 he joined British Major-General Henry Procter. Together they led the forces in the Siege of the Fort Meigs. Tecumseh would send reinforcements,they never showed up. On October 5,1813 Tecumseh’s small 500-man forced was overrun by Harrison’s 3,000 man army and Tecumseh was killed. Tecumseh’s political leadership,compassion and bravery attracted the respect of friends and is still is known

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