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Did America win the War of 1812? The War of 1812 was an honored War experienced by the United States, but did America really win the War of 1812? Did they gain the most achievement's over the other member during the War of 1812? Before this massive internal conflict between the two major nations of both the United States and Great Britain, each nation had a set of accomplishment planned needed to be obtained post war. For the Americans, those accomplishments consisted of the United States aspiring to expand their nations geography to comply with their increasing number of settlers, as well as showing the British and the rest of the world, that America, as a nation are not a force to be pushed around or played with on a global …show more content…

Another important objective for Americans they wished to achieve was to be efficient, such as not leading the leaderboard of casualties and loss of land through this War as well as gaining respect from other nations for America to expand businesses and increase their global income. All of these wanted war requirements for America are also valid arguments on deciding whether America won the War of 1812. For Britain, they aspired to counter the Americans and continue to succeed in restricting the United States trade economy as well as utilizing this opportunity to show the globe they are in fact one of the nation's top dominant country. Well, did the American side achieve their accomplished to their fullest potential or did Britain come out on top over America on the battlefield. In the end, there was no …show more content…

For the Americans, one objective was to gain more land due to their increasing population of settlers. They planned to take the Northwest (Land of Canada) in order to help compensate for their issue. For the British, one of their major counter like objective was to disturb American from gaining land for Canada. The War of 1812 occurred from 1812 to 1814. The British were the force with more power and dominance around the globe. Britain was seen as having the upper hand before this War commenced. The British also had more experience of fighting such War compared to the Americans. For example, Britain conflicted with Napoleon and France prior to this War. On June 18th, 1812, James Madison declared war on the British. The Americans initial attack was on the Northwest territory (modern Ontario, Canada) to achieve and gain more land. The Americans set off to the Northwest in attempt to fight this war efficiently. The British and their allies applied pressure which resulted in the prize of capturing the American state, Michigan. Not only did the American failed to gain any Northern land in the earlier on in the War, they also lost Northern land which they had already owned by the British. The Americans could not deal with the embarrassment and time potted an attack on the British in an attempt to overachieve due to their previous loss of land. The Americans set off to modern day Ontario Canada to

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