Why Did Albert Sherman Join World War II?

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Introduction During World War 2 many American soldiers gave their lives or gave up something valuable that they once had for the freedom of others. Men from all over started to join in at all points in time in the War to help save a country and defeat Germany and Japan before they had a chance to invade the United States. One of the brave men that joined was Albert Sherman. Albert Sherman was a World War 2 sergeant. As a Sergeant he explored new environments, encountered many great dangers and battles, and exchanged his life for the freedom of the United States. He fought south of paderborn Germany for 3 years, 7 months, and 22 days. He received the purple heart for his bravery in action. He received this award just a couple of week before…show more content…
One of the big reasons World war 2 happened was because the prime minister of Britain declared war against Germany. Even though the United states was not going to go to World War 2 they did after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Another one of the main reasons that World War 2 happened was that Adolf Hitler put the Jewish people into concentration camps. During this valiant battle the United States Military had a lot of young healthy men join to fight in World War 2 because they wanted to make sure that the germans and japanese did conquer the world by fight them off. They also joined because they wanted to prevent them from crossing the oceans and invading the United States. Sergeant Albert Sherman was one of these brave…show more content…
Some of the short term impacts that happened are, at the time it had reduced the number of effective empires in the world. It brought them all the way down to 2 effective empires, the United States and the Soviet Union. During World War 2 another short term impact that causes a huge problem was when it bankrupted the British. Though the good thing was that it occupied the French which the United Nations then planned attack against them since they had become allies with the Germans. Also Hitler claimed that Austria was on there side and then invade and took it over. That did not last long because when Germany started to get defeated they attack and got back their land. Some of the long term impacts are an effect of some of the short term impacts. A major thing that affect a short term impact is many Austria were killed because United nations failed to do anything to help them before it was too late. One thing that stands on its own is the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It was a major catastrophe that killed many American soldiers. A thing that will last for ever is the million and millions of people that were killed during the time period of World War
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