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Most of the blame for World War One was thrown on the back of Germany, but are they really the main reason why the war escalated to where it did? WW1 was a four year long war, starting in 1914 and ending in 1918 with around 10 million people dying. It was a very widespread war with many countries involved and many people often ask why it became so big. The main reason was because the countries that started the war, Austria-Hungary and Serbia, had alliances with other countries that had alliances with other countries and so on and so forth. Some other contributing factors to the war were most likely militarism and imperialism. The Central Powers most likely felt threatened by the Allies because the Allies had a lot more land than them (Doc F). Not only did the Allies have advantage in land, they had a lot more sea routes branching around Europe (Doc E). The Germans were at least …show more content…

Serbia was friends with Russia who was friends with France and Britain. Austria-Hungary was friends with Germany who was kind of friends with Italy (Doc A). Those are a lot of main countries spread out all over Europe which will help the war become world-wide. Many countries teamed up in blaming a different country, Germany, for the war (Doc B). They all jumped in to help their friends that were pointing a finger at somebody else. The war could’ve just been a spat between Austria-Hungary and Serbia if Russia hadn’t been so eager to protect the other countries, like Serbia, they had an ethnic tie with. Although there are many possible reasons for the war, militarism, imperialism, and alliances are the main three with alliances being the most main reason. Militarism and imperialism riled up the countries, making them angry and afraid, but alliances really pushed the countries over the edge into the war. It all just piled up into one big, bad heap of hatred that spurred the countries

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