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Billboard chart-topper for two weeks running December 9th-16th 1989 (Billboard). Billy Joel. The song is historically correct, and different compared to Joel’s other songs. Although the song is different from his others and has many historical references “We didn 't start the fire” is still a catchy song. Billy Joel had two inspirations, Tin Pan Alley, and The Beatles. Joel watched The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan show, after seeing the show Joel dropped out of high school to start writing and performing songs. His first album was called “Cold Spring Harbor”. The album didn 't do as well as he had wanted ( Editors). When Joel first started making hit songs in the seventies and eighties his only competition was Elton John (Serpick). In the year 1992, Joel was accepted into the Songwriters Hall of …show more content…

The television was a huge impact for our society because it helped make communication easier and faster. The first ever report of the television was in Germany by a student named Paul Nipkow. After that, the American inventor Charles Jenkins modified the disk Nipkow used to make the first mechanical television system. The electronic version was invented by Philo Taylor Farnsworth (Bellis, Mary). The next important historical reference in “We didn 't start the fire” is the war between South and North Korea, beginning on June 25, 1950. The Korean War was one of the first military actions in the Cold War. In the next month, the American military got involved. The American Military got involved because the United States was against the idea of Communism. The Korean War ended July 1953 ( Even today North Korea is having problems. The 1955 world series was between the Dodgers and the Yankees. This is important because the teams were huge rivals. The teams both won three of the series of games and then finally the Dodgers won the last one with a score of 4-3. The Dodgers also had a record of 17 home runs in the first

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