The Pros And Cons Of The Berlin Blockade

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Berlin Blockade The Berlin Blockade was the first catastrophe of the Cold War. By 1945, Germany had lost the war and was divided into 4 sectors: the British, Soviet Zone, French Zone, and the American Zone. In the process of trying to gain economic recovery in Germany, the US, Great Britain, and France tried to change the currency. The new currency, which the Soviets had no control over, Eastern Berlin almost immediately made a new currency before the Western side went into the public. This is when they set a blockade up to where no people were allowed in or out of Berlin. Or even on the trails/land that was used to help aid the people of Berlin. Truman’s decision was to fly in the needs of Berlin citizens by plane. My solution would be…show more content…
Shooting the wall and people down was not going to be in America’s best interest because of the amount of troops the Soviet Union had. Truman was also all about his citizens and about his troops, knowing how many troops the Soviet Union had compared to how much troops we had, he knew it would not end well. Both mine and Truman’s plans consisted of using some type of aircraft to either give aid to the citizens or to take them completely out of Berlin. I believe that Truman’s plan was the most efficient because it was straight forward about giving aid to the citizens and it came with no signs of war. The Soviets original plan of putting up the wall worked for just a short period of time. The airlift plan that President Truman made was obviously better. The change in currency and giving aid to the citizens of Berlin eventually led up to the blockade being taken down and the end of…show more content…
I believe that we must assist free peoples to work out their own destinies in their own way. I believe that our help should be primarily through economic and financial aid which is essential to economic stability and orderly political processes…” By asking for this $4 million, Truman explained that this was only 1/10th of the money that it took to fight, and win, in World War II. President Truman was all about his people, his troops, and the people of the world. He then explained that it was a basic need that the amount that was spent was going to good cause because it was to help insure his main goal, world peace and world freedom. American support was given to both Turkey and Greece... Turkey fought the Soviet Union 's pressure over communism; and the Greek government exited communism by October 1949. Overall, by giving aid to Turkey and Greece, President Truman exceeded his main goal of turning countries from communist to capitalist just by offering money/other ways of giving
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