Compare And Contrast Ronald Reagan And The Berlin Wall

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Ronald Reagan and the Berlin Wall After World War 2 Germany was split into four parts controlled by Britain, France, the Unites States, and the Soviet Union (Russia). During this time the United States and the Soviet Union went into the Cold War, where the U.S. tried eliminating Communism and the Soviet Union's supply of nuclear weapons. The capital of Germany, Berlin, was divided between the West which belonged to France, Britain, and the United States, and East which was controlled by the Communist Soviet Union. Many people didn't like Communism and wanted to escape. In response, the Soviet Union built the Berlin Wall to keep their citizens from escaping into the West. The construction of the Berlin Wall caused conflicts for many, and in …show more content…

The Cold War was never actually a war because troops never fought each other. While other countries were a part of it, the United States and the Soviet Union were the countries that did most of the negotiations. The leaders of both were competing to prove that they had better nuclear weapons and the United States was trying to end Communism by defeating the Soviet Union. Many of the citizens in East Germany were unhappy with how life was in the East, which was part of the Soviet Union, and fled to the West which was the land belonging to France, Britain, and the United States. The Soviet Union was very mad at the citizens for leaving and came up with a plan to stop them. So overnight, on August 13th, East German soldiers put up barbed wire fencing to stop people from fleeing. Construction on a better wall was started two days later, angering citizens from both sides. Many families had been separated by the …show more content…

In a small press room in East Germany, politburo Gunter Schabowski was given orders to announce a new travel law that would allow people from East Berlin to be able to travel into West Berlin. He misinterpreted one of the lines and said that the Berlin Wall gates were open immediately when people were supposed to go get a permit to pass. This saying was cast all over East and West Berlin and people from both sides mobbed towards the wall. The citizens climbed atop the wall and celebrated. Families had been reunited and neighbors weren't separated by a wall. The people that were there took hammers and chipped off pieces of the wall to keep as souvenirs, these people were called wall woodpeckers. The events just before access to the wall was allowed was what really helped destroy the communist Soviet Union. Hungary had just opened their border with Austria. People from East Germany fled through Hungary into the West. This caused the Soviet Union to give up on the Berlin Wall. After the Soviet Union announced that border crossings between East and West Berlin were allowed, they soon after reunited with West Germany and became their own country again Restrictions were still held on people from the West that wanted to travel to the East. They still had to get a permit and had to pay a fee for the amounts of days that they

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