Similarities Between John F Kennedy And Ronald Reagan

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President John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan each have their own beliefs on how they should have dealt with the Berlin wall. Although Both think it is a big fail they both have their own opinions as to why. President JFK thinks that the wall should be taken down because it causes everyone pain and really has no point, it does nothing but trap people. President Reagan thinks that the wall should be taken down peacefully because they mean no harm and want to unite the country to make it stronger. Both presidents want the wall down but for their own reasons, by taking the wall down they can become whole and finally put an end to communism remaining in Germany.
President John F Kennedy’s ‘Ich Bin Ein Berliner’ speech Explains that the communist people …show more content…

His third claim was that we are all one therefore we all suffer if one suffers, berlin is suffering so we are all suffering. His fourth claim, we are all looking forward to a reunited Germany when we can forget about the wall and the issues it brings along with it. His fifth and final claim was that, when reunification of Germany happens Berliners can then be happy about helping make it happen. All Kennedy wanted was for everyone to look at Berlin and to see the ugly wall (as he described it), a wall of communism, that separated its people creating problems. He wanted it down. Kennedy was using the Berlin Wall to show people that communism was certainly corrupt. Kennedy's statement is that if you look at Berlin once it was enough to show how communism ruins everything. President Kennedy's blaming could only worsen relations between nations and extend the situation in Berlin. The Berlin Wall proves that communists are unwilling to work with the rest of the world; therefore, the world should stand against communism.
President Ronald Reagan’s “Tear Down this Wall” speech explains how he appeals to the Soviet Union general Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin wall, a barrier

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