President Reagan Military Strategy Essay

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There is a great deal of risk in the strategy spoken by President Reagan because of the imbalance between ends, ways and means. Lykke provides a conceptual framework and vocabulary for describing risk in strategy in his “three-legged stool” model. His main point is that a balanced strategy is solid, but if ends, ways, or means are not aligned, the strategy incurs risk (Reading C203 D, p. 4). In the spoken strategy there is especially an imbalance between the ends, ways and means to the desired end of a unified and free Europe. The ways in the strategy is only directed towards the city of Berlin. Although, Berlin was a symbol of a divided Europe at that time, Europe was divided between East and West throughout the continent. There is a significant risk that it is not enough ways and means in the …show more content…

Each category contains several perspectives and facets. In his speech, President Reagan uses little of the instrument of Economical Power. He does suggest trade between east and West Berlin but as an instrument of power in the strategy, Reagan could have addressed trade between the Soviet Union and the western allies, and actually “put money on the table”. The strategy could have incorporated, trade alliances, trade promotion and trade sanctions. The instrument of Military power is in his speech addressed with a “stick and carrot“ strategy. On one side the President offers reduction of arms. On the other side deterrence is addressed by upgrading forces in Europe. The Power of Economic could use the same logic. Offering Soviet trade options and access to the European market on one side, and a threat of further isolation and sanctions on the other side. A wider use of Economic Power would probably reduce some of the risks in the strategy by enabling more means to the way of economic growth, not just in East Berlin, but also in East

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