Ronald Reagan Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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Former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, in his address to the nation about the Challenger explosion, distinguishes the terrifying news of the explosion of the space shuttle. Reagan's purpose is to remember the lives lost in this painful accident and to ensure that space program will keep our faith with its future in space. He adopts a sorrowful tone in order to acknowledge all the courage and breakers that those seven astronauts expressed to his nation. Reagan opens his tribute to the Challenger astronauts by recognizing that this accident delayed his State of the Union address and by showing the pain of him and his wife’s grief. He appeal to the emotions of the listeners by expressing that “today is a day for mourning and remembering” (Reagan, 1986), that he and his wife are “pained to the core” (Reagan, 1986), and that we all know that this accident is “truly a national loss” (Reagan, 1986). He brings us together in this sorrowful time in order to remember those who died because “We mourn seven heroes” (Reagan, 1986) and “We mourn their loss as a nation together” (Reagan, 1986). The President’s loss of emotions creates an assuring tone that …show more content…

He again appeals to the emotions of the listeners by stating that “we feel the loss, and we’re thinking about you so very much” (Reagan, 1986), “Your loved ones were daring and brave, and they had that special grace, that special spirit to say, “”Give me a challenge and I’ll meet it with joy”” (Reagan, 1986), and “They wished to serve, and they did. They served all of us” (Reagan, 1986). He expresses his mourning to the loved ones in order to show that he truly cares and that “we’re thinking about you so very much” (Reagan, 1986). Reagan conveys a touching tone that we feel the pain and sadness you do towards your loved

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