Why Did Stalin Build The Berlin Blockade

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Berlin Airlift The Berlin Airlift began when the Soviet Union built a blockade preventing supply transportation and forced the Americans to begin the Berlin Airlift. East Berlin was controlled by the communists and West Berlin was controlled by the U.S and supported by the Western Powers. The Soviet Union was concerned because it’s East Germans were fleeing to the new democratic West Berlin. In order to stop any more from leaving, Stalin completely isolated Berlin with large iron walls called the Berlin Wall- also referred to as the Iron Curtain. Now that The Berliners were isolated from the world, they couldn’t get any supplies and the sectors only had enough coal to last 45 days and food to last just 36 days. West Berlin relied entirely on their allies to transport supplies into the capital or city or something. The Western Powers generally transported supplies by ways of trucks and railway. Democracy was becoming too strong so the Soviet Union thought that they could drive the Western Powers out of West Berlin. They thought that if they could block any way of the allies from coming into West Berlin by land, they would eventually give up and stop supporting them. In order to do this, Stalin built a blockade on roads, railways, and rivers between the three allied sectors of West Germany and West Berlin. Stalin soon realizes that …show more content…

One of Stalin’s main goals for building the blockade was to drive democracy out of the city. But of course that didn’t go as planned. In fact Berlin possibly became even more democratic after the blockade. Soviet authorities finally realized that the allies were determined to stay in Berlin and that the blockade was useless and on May 12, 1949, the blockade was taken down. The airlift continued until September 30, 1949. A total of 276,926 flights and 2,323,076 tons of supplies were brought into

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