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After World War two the U.S. and the Soviet Union initially had an ideology and political rivalry between the United States and USSR that gave way to the start of the Cold War. This period was known as the Cold War because there was no large-scale fighting between the two superpowers. The Cold War impacted more than world events and U.S. foreign policy, It impacted U.S. domestic policy and American society because after WW ll the U.S. decided to spend 64% of the money more on military defenses than education. They had also taken away the freedom of speech, took away passports, it was a struggle for Paul during this time in June 1956. The first impact or situation that was known all over the U.S. was the Duck n' Cover of 1951. The first piece of evidence that demonstrates this impact was the schools teaching kids this effective protection and it would even be on commercials in the U.S. Because of this Bert & Tory knew when danger threatened them but they had never got hurt because of this. In other words, protecting the children from an atomic bomb from the enemy. It was stated in Document …show more content…

at home was The Hurb Block on November 15, 1957. During this time they started to criticize the government after launching the satellite because they started focusing more on science than education in general. Therefore, there was an increase in college attendance and scientific research but critics say it was more focused on science. And for the other Herb block that happened on August 13, 1951, the problem and impact that had put were people in fear of benign called a communist. 2 People had their mouths taped shut trying to sneak their opinion. This symbolized a loss of freedom as well. In document #3 it was said to “Say whatever happened to freedom-from-fear?” and the cartoon shown from this document it had showed that people were being smeared with points from senator meaty. As for this did that to people who were in state

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