Civil War Dbq Research Paper

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The Civil War was one of the most immense battles in American History. The war started in 1861 and lasted for 4 years. This war was between the Union and the Confederacy. By the end of this devastating war, the Reconstruction era began. During the Reconstruction of 1865-1877, many different issues, including political, social, and economic impacted African American lives in many different ways. In the South there were numerous amounts of political issues. The 13th amendment states that slavery and involuntary servitude should not be prohibited unless someone is under the authorization of the law (Document A) The 13th amendment was passed before the South was reestablished. The 14th amendment states that anyone born in the United States will …show more content…

The government kept on earning money. More and more African Americans settled in the south wanting to restart their life. African American didn’t have much money, clothes or food and they were in desperate search of jobs. All African Americans did their whole life was farming so that was the only thing they knew how to do well because most of them didn’t even have an education. Most of the slaves stuck to farming and did sharecropping. Sharecropping is when a landowner allows someone to use their land in return for a portion of crops from other parts of the land. This system 's wasn 't fair because technically they were still working a s slaves but most African Americans didn’t have choice. Most African Americans didn’t even have the money to buy land. The population of african Americans was increasing from 1860 all the way up to 1881 (Document H). The population 1881 was 4,441,790. The Reconstruction of the Civil War made a big impact on the United States. Without the Reconstruction era there would still be slaves, segregation and involuntary servitude. The South was the main part of the United States to have those issues. African Americans were affected in a good and bad way. Many African Americans got right they didn’t have before the Civil War. The Reconstruction era and the Civil War changed the world for the better because African Americans are free and have equal amount of

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