How Did The Civil War Affect America

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The civil war had a very profound effect on America and what it has become today. With the civil war many changes took place such as 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment. Women’s rights were put forth into motion. Along with Reconstruction laws being passes and the push back that these laws caused. During this time the south became even more divided and started to take things into account and create their own laws in regards to racism. With the beginning of reconstruction the amendment were created to abolish slavery, to give people born in America the right to be citizens and finally the allowance of men of to vote regardless of their race. With these amendments being put into place it cause a lot of kick back from the south and they didn’t agree at with these amendments being put into place. Although it took a while for these amendments to actually be followed it was a big door opener to slaves essentially giving them rights to be …show more content…

During the war when the amendments were being put into place many women hoped that they would be granted the same right that were given to free slaves. Although it was a big step for African Americans. This then made the women’s movement have two separate parties one being the National Woman Suffrage Association and the other being American Women Suffrage Association. Both of these associations campaigned for women suffrage believing that it could only be acquired through a constitutional amendment and not just different states. Both of the associations led by very powerful women wouldn’t stop until they could see the bigger picture where although you were a different gender you were treated equal as men and had the same rights. Now although the women’s suffrage amendment didn’t pass until 1920 it provided a many of us women with very strong role models and women that were very powerful in their own way trying to accomplish one goal

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