What Role Did The Civil War Play In The United States Of America?

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In the history of United States of America the Civil War had played a key role in changing the overall political situations in the America. There were two main sides that were deemed as the most significant which played a major role in determining the political conditions in the United States of America. Among the two sides one were the Unionists and the others were Confederates. The African Americans were said to be part of the Union Army. Such people were known Homemade Yankees by the Confederates. The Unionists of the North were supporting the Union Army, however, the Unionists living in the Southern part of America were in favor of the Confederacy. The Unionists were powerful leaders in the Eastern States because the Confederates were never supported by the East Tennessee. Moreover, the Unionists were largely found in the Eastern Kentucky, as a result of which the state was protected from seceding. Furthermore, the Unionists were …show more content…

Consequently, in the Southern state the regimes of the Unionists were raised. The Southern Unionists were known as the paramilitary forces of the anti-guerrilla. Further, there were many Unionists during the Reconstruction period in ex-Confederacy which were named as Scalawags. Such individuals supported the Republican Party that was founded newly at that time. As compared to the Confederates there was large urbanized and industrialized area which was occupied by the Unionists. Moreover, the transportation system, financial system, commercial system were more advanced in the Southern part of America as compared to the Confederacy. The population of the Union states was five times more than the population of the states of Confederates. With the passing time, the resources of the Confederacy were lost and the Confederacy shrank. On the other hand, the Union developed potentially stronger Union

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