Ateneso By Athóos Short Story

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Blood-curdling screams resonated through the city of Méso and out. The sights of mangled people that looked like x was enough to subdue the strongest of warriors. All-around, children were astrayed from their families, forced to seek shelter alone; the only ones to comfort themselves in this wretched of times. The most difficult to stomach, though, was witnessing the aftermath of the quake. Thousands of people left on the streets, with nowhere to go, and no one to turn to. These violent tremors lasted days, and the monstrosity tore down any structure in its path. These days were long enough for Athóos, the king Méso of to devise a plan. “My people, though stricken with grief in these toughest of days should not lose hope, for I have found somewhere for …show more content…

He and the others left the sight of The Enomé people and took rest. He had no thought of what to do. He had let not only himself down, but all of those whom he promised a better life. The king decided to give it the night to think it over, and would decide where to go from there the next morning. As the Mésoians slept, Sympónia the goddess of compassion watched over, sickened with Dion and his city Enoménos. She was known to be incredibly selfless, and the turning away of the refugees beyond upset her. She scolded to herself, “Rejecting the innocent refugees betrayed not only mine, but all of Rome’s most earnest values. We are not these barbarous people, and I refuse to let Dion’s actions go unnoticed.” The next morning, shrieks from Enoménos were heard miles away by the Méso people. Athóos was deeply concerned, but he instructed his people to stay back, for Dion threatened their lives if they were to ever return. Hours later, the king still did not know where to go. In the distance, an Enomé man was darting towards them. He shrieked, “What have you savages done to our great city? Hundreds were found this morning lying dead in their beds! Our great Dion

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