Storm Descriptive Writing

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It was a bleak and humid saturday as we drove down the highway bored out of our minds, I blankly started out of the window, sulking as everything that we once did that made us happy now brought us sorrow and despair. Just as I was letting out my final sigh, preparing to sleep through the rest of the trip, I was blinded by these brilliant shades of blue, red, and green. It was so vibrant and true like a rainbow after a summer storm, The bustle of this event is what caught my attention the most but, I don’t think any of us minded. For the first time in weeks since...the accident, that we have all genuinely smiled. My father parked the car and me and….well no one anymore but, I was running and running, looking at all the carnies and vendors as …show more content…

I awoke with a start as I had realized that everyone was gone which was strange on it own but, that wasn’t the only problem. I exited the ride and realized, it wasn’t just the people on the ride had left, it was everyone. The carnival looked like an abandoned home, dark, dim, broken down, and all alone. I was ready to cry, ready to give up and scream in frustration until I saw a light. Now it wasn’t just any light, it was this dim yet vibrant blue that spoke to me and, I did as it told me. As I got closer to the light the more and more my anxiety began to fade and I felt like I was safe again. The light that had been beckoning me to come was attached to this game booth which had the ball toss game or whatever they called it. I wanted to play but, no one was there and with that I turned around, prepared to wander the desolate fairgrounds until a warm hand was placed on shoulder and said,”Now don’t be sad sonny here, step right up and play this wonderful

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