Descriptive Essay On Cancun Short Story

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“Welcome aboard flight 2741 to Cancun.” There was a feeling of anticipation in the air. The airplane cabin was full of friendly faces smiling back at me. My parents and I were ready for our annual family vacation. This was my first international trip. One of the most stunning destinations in the world was only hours away. I was ready for big waves and unlimited food. Slowly my thoughts turned into daydreams about a luxury resort in the middle of a tropical paradise.
Before I realized it, time had slipped away. The pilot announced, ”We will be landing shortly. The weather in Cancun is a sunny eighty two degrees.” From my window seat, I could see glistening turquoise water. As we descended, my excitement increased. Within minutes, I felt the landing gear engage and my stomach dropped. The plane landed and the journey began. I grabbed my bag and headed toward the terminal. Once inside, I found a large crowd awaiting to be processed through security. The officer sternly greeted me and requested my passport. He …show more content…

The swimming pool wrapped around the entire property. The room was just as nice, with ten pillows to a bed and all the furnishings a person could ask for. I was unpacking when my Dad came through the door with a set of car keys. He rented a car so we could drive to Mayan ruins. Within the hour we were on the road. On the way to the ruins we passed through small towns that were poor and run down. The people looked tired and the houses were falling apart. It was the first time that I had been in a heavily poverty stricken location. It’s shocking that a multi-million dollar resort could be miles away from such a dying area. The Mayan ruins were astonishing, but I was overwhelmed by the neglected towns and people. After adventuring the region, we headed back to the resort. The remainder of the week was spent relaxing on the beach, fine dining, and nightly

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