Persuasive Essay On Breakfast Food

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From yoghurts filled with sugar-coated fruit chunks to the common belief that "fat-free" actually means anything, we count 15 food marketed as healthy when that simply isn 't true.


• Most people on this Earth always start their breakfast off with cereal, and even though most proclaim it 's the best way to start your day, that 's simply not true

• Obviously the sugary cereal aimed at kids is generally unhealthy, but even the healthy-branded ones like Raisin Bran and Honey Flakes contain an equal amount of sugar since the manufacturers destroy the original vitamins and minerals to add their own preservatives

• Even when you find a brand of cereal that retains as much of their original ingredients as possible, the reality is you 're still much better off with whole …show more content…


• Like with energy drinks, you 're obviously only supposed to eat these if you 're into heavy workouts, especially if they contain a huge amount of protein

• But most energy bars are souped up candy bars, they contain an equal amount of calories, fats, sugar and oil, just as bad for you

• Energy bars are meant to be effectively meal replacements so your body has something to draw on when it gets exhausted, so if you are planning to eat these, stick with ones that have a low sugar and carb reading, as make sure they pack on the protein.


• Many don 't understand the difference between butter and margarine, and since butter got a bad rap back in the day because of the high saturated fat content, most stick with margarine

• But here 's a news flash; margarine isn 't real food, it 's a Frankenstein creation of chemicals and oils made to look and taste like butter, studies have shown you 're more likely to get a heart attack from eating toast with margarine than you do with butter

• Real butter, preferably grass-fed is the way to go, just read the information on the back of the product and make sure it has been processed before slothing it

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