Fast Food Begins In Home Analysis

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Obesity due to unhealthy food has been a long-lasting problem in America. Many people blame the government, and other blame the fast food companies directly. In the article “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in Home” the author argues that parents are the ones who are really to blame. This is actually true because who better than parents to tell their children what to do? Parents are responsible for the obesity of their children because children listen mostly to their parents, and because it’s their obligation to take care of their children. The people who are at most risk of experiencing obesity are children and teens. At that age, they don’t like to listen to anyone and they rebel against what should be done. Therefore, even if the government …show more content…

That includes clothing, food, education, and mostly everything else. When food is mentioned as being one of a parent’s various responsibilities, people assume it is solely providing food. However, it is much more than that. It is making sure that their child is eating at least three times a day, and that they are eating healthy. By doing that, they are making sure that their child won’t go through obesity. This is not at all the government’s responsibility, and much less the fast food companies’. On the other hand, some may argue that the government should do something about unhealthy food, such as increasing the cost for it, or decreasing the cost for healthy food. This may help to some extent, but in the end it won’t change anything if people still choose to eat unhealthy. It comes down to each individual’s decisions and the influence they receive from people like their parents. In conclusion, there are various factors that contribute to the amount of people with obesity in America nowadays. Some people blame the government, other blame fast food factories, and some blame parents. Although they may all play a role in this issue, parents carry most of the responsibility. This is because children mostly listen to their parents about what they should do, and parents have the responsibility of caring for their

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