Argumentative Essay: The Effects Of Fast Foods

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Name: Malcolm Thomas Instructor’s Name: Mrs Carolyn Wiles Blair Date: November 10, 2014 Course: Freshman Composition II Section: D Name of Assignment: Argumentative Essay The number of fast foods restaurants is increasing worldwide and Mandeville is no exception with the recent opening of pizza hut. Unfortunately, many people opt to eat fast foods instead of a healthy balance meal. Discuss four effects of fast foods culture of eating habits and the health of human being. The Effects of Fast Foods Did you know that fast food is not good for your health? There are many effects of fast foods. Fast Food is defined as an easily prepared food. This type of food is most time prepared in places such as: restaurants, KFCs, Burger king and those places as a quick meal to be taken away. Studies from the Harvard School of Health have shown that fast foods provide little or no nutrients for the body, but calories, sugars and fats. Fast foods include chickens, burgers, hot pies, chips, pastries, salads and these kinds of foods. Some drinks like milk for instance, also classified as fast …show more content…

Dr Adobe Wright, PhD, a professor of the University of California, states that fast foods do not contain the necessary nutrients as a well balance does. He also stated, that this type of food, fast food, contain nutrients high in some nutrient content, but other nutrients such as: protein, vitamins, etc., are absent. The professor also said that children do need these nutrients. He went on to say that these foods do not fulfil the requirements of the body and sometimes cause disorder. In conclusion, it can be concluded that fast food have many effects of the body. Four effects are obesity, disease, stress, and lack of essential nutrients. I recommend that less fast foods be consume, or if consume, then consume at a small amount. Smart choices can also be made when selecting the fast food you

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