Junk Food Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Is having junk food in school really such a bad idea? Does it obtain a value that some schools lack? Junk food was provided in school, before the health program came into place, banning it from schools around the country. It was proudly served and allowed in school, and also sold for many school fundraisers. Although some people might say that junk food can be unhealthy, schools should allow, or serve, some junk food because it will make the kids want to eat school lunches more, it will bring in more money to the school, and it will give the students the calories that they need. Student’s would choose to eat school lunches, if junk food was available to them, because they will actually like the food they have been served and they would eat it instead of pushing it aside, like they do the healthier food, that is required to …show more content…

As the TIME article states, student athletes, especially in high school, need more calories in their bodies to prevent backlash, and be ready for the sport that they participate in. Even though some say that junk food will make student athletes less healthy and won’t provide enough energy while the students are participating in the school activity, I respectfully disagree with that statement, because it will make them more energized, and it will make them feel better instead of playing on an empty stomach. This is saying that junk food will provide more calories, and they will be getting more because they are eating junk food. Schools should allow junk food in their cafeteria and in their hallways because students would decide to eat their school lunches, it would bring in more profit to the school serving it, and it will also provide the student athletes with calories to be strong and healthy for their games. Are the food restrictions, we have now, really what the students and the parents want? Isn’t it time to have a good lunch for

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