School Lunch Persuasive Essay

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All of the children that live in America are entitled to a free public education. A lunch is provided that costs a reduced fee for those who attend a public school. Every day, thousands of kids attend school and mindlessly eat this lunch. A lunch that is full of frozen, processed foods that all share the same unpronounceable chemicals in their ingredient list. I personally believe that if schools started to add more natural, fresh, whole foods into their lunches it would be helpful to our societies growing obesity epidemic. “Today approximately 16% of America's youth are classified as obese,” in that case, changing one meal a day could prevent as much as 6% of America’s youth from becoming obese. The main issue in the cause to start making school lunch the healthy option of a student's day is the undeniable fact; people love debilitating foods. Even when you are an infant in the womb, the one, only thing you crave is sugar. The best solution to this issue is to train the children of the next generation to stop thriving on unhealthy choices and to start appreciating the healthy ones. If a healthy lunch every day started to help obese children lose weight, some might see improvement and be inspired to start making healthier choices. Therefore, thinking about what they eat, realizing how horrible the food they previously ingested was, and …show more content…

“Overweight and obese children are more likely to stay obese into adulthood. They also have a much higher risk of developing diseases.” Diseases that cost billions of dollars in America every year. These billions of dollars could be used for the same cause. Instead of ending the disease later in adulthood, people need to plug it at its source. If America started to make healthy choices as children, the advancing obesity rate would drop dramatically, and our population would greatly benefit from the economic boom from the accretion in local farming of whole

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