Changing School Lunches Research Paper

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The school cafeteria plans to change our lunch to a more healthier lunch menu and i believe that it is a bad idea. Our school lunches are the most important meal that students get and it would be unfair if students to take away their favorite meals. The school lunch is sometimes the only thing some students get to eat a day. Some Lunches would be left tasteless and unappetizing. I believe that if we change our school lunches that Most students will go without the basic nutrition that we need through out the school day. School lunches have a significant affect on students, and by which some have a favorite meal. Most of the favorite meals that students have are sometimes the most delectable items on the menu. By changing the school menu, these students will be …show more content…

By changing to a more healthier menu, that will contain mainly of wheat bread, the student will no longer smell fresh baked yeast rolls that comes right out of the oven at lunch time. School lunches are sometimes the only lunch students get a day. Some families may not be able to afford food for their house, and therefore some children may only eat at school. These students will have less food on their trays because of the new regulations will not allow them to be able to get the food they most rightly need to get through the day. Those students who can barley afford a meal at school will be devastated by the new price increase because of the new, healthier food. School lunches used to be the be delectable and very appetizing, by changing the menu, the menu will change dramaticly in flavor. Some new item to the menu may look unappetizing and not look eatable. Most students will mostly likely skip lunch because of the change. Students will no longer be able to have the most need nutrients through out the day. Most student athletes have a very busy schedule and only have time to eat lunch at school. They will no longer get the protein that they need to finish the day, and make

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