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The press is known to explode with news everyday, informing the people on different topics that are happening worldwide. The newest revelation is on the soda ban in New York. Websites and pages are plastered with information and headlines announcing how “Mayor Bloomberg is overreaching with N.Y.C. large soda ban” or “Banning the Big Gulp Ban”. Reporters are scrambling to join the bandwagon of criticizing or praising this mayor’s audacious decision. There are many factors that influence opinions on the matter, but one of the most popular reasons is because of the high numbers of people that are obese and overweight. Contrary to popular belief, being obese and being overweight have different meanings. Both are measured by the BMI scale, which is a calculation of weight and height, that determines that amount of …show more content…

The answer is simple--sugar. Sugar is just as deadly as a cigarette or a can of tobacco. Sugar is causing the obesity rates to skyrocket in America. Sugar has invaded every product that’s not naturally grown, it’s in yogurt, drinks, bread, and many other foods and drinks consumed on a daily basis. We need to start somewhere on banning sugar. That is why many propose regulating the purchases of carbonated drinks pact with sugar, or more commonly known as soda. One can of soda contains about 2.5 tablespoons of sugar, and on average, 9% of the daily calories consumed per person is from soda. Due to the high numbers of obesity in America, soda’s and other drinks high in sugar, should be regulated. Obesity can lead to many health problems. Some issues that can potentially occur because of what the person is eating include diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, body pains, and potential death (in fact, one article in The New York Times claimed sugar, more particularly soda, to “might just be the biggest killers via preventable disease in the country” (Mayor bloomington

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