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Does anyone actually know the struggles that “tweens” face in life? At that ages of 8-12 life can be pretty tough when trying to keep up with the new fashion trends, clicks, and social status. At this point in time they are developing and trying to figure out who they really are and that’s tough. Especially when they are expected to fit a certain image that social media gives off. But people don’t come to realize what that high expectation causes tweens do. The images on social media tend to give tweens the thought that they should look like that. Which can lead to many eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and obesity.
What is anorexia? Anorexia is defined as the lack or loss of appetite for food. But it really is a serious emotional illness with a fear of being fat. Which leads to the person to have a poor diet which can lead to dangerous weight loss. Anorexia to many people isn’t such a big problem. But that’s because they don’t see what’s really going on. Most people believe if they don’t see it then it’s not happening and that’s the problem. It’s a serious thing that’s going on. “Scorning any symbol of their immaturity, tweens now cultivate a self-image that emphasizes sophistication” (Hymowitz 191). Tweens now of days are starting to look older and older every …show more content…

What is obesity? Obesity is someone overweight that has accumulated a high amount of body fat. This is actually a serious problem that most tweens face and adults. It’s all due to advertisement and fast food places who have the uncontrollable urge to “super-size” everything on the menu. But fast food places are not the only blame so are the cafeterias in schools. Who provide fatty foods, candy, and many high corn syrup induced sodas. “As many as 22 percent of today’s children are considered dangerously obese” (Walker 573). Which is a pretty crazy amount if untreated it can cause heart disease, cancer, breathing disorders and more. It’s very serious and sad that tweens today face

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