Tweens Ten Going On Sixteen Analysis

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In the essay, ‘'Tweens: Ten Going on Sixteen” written by Kay Hymowitz, she explains that tweens are growing up to fast. A child that is identified by the word tween is between the ages of eight and twelve. These children were engaging in all kinds of inappropriate activities, As Kay Hymowitz explains, “Tweens have even given new connotations to the word “playground”: one fifth-grade teacher from southwestern Ohio told me of two youngsters discovered in the bushes during recess.” Tweens at that point in time were getting into activities that mainly adults would take part in. Kay also said she believes that the children to act in this way because of absent parents and sexualized media, which are both true, however, absent parents may be more of a reason because children tend to grow up faster than children whose parents are present. …show more content…

Children with absent fathers are most likely abused. Abused can be consisted as sexually, mentally, and/or physically. These types of abuse may happen to children from their mother’s boyfriend, current husband, or a caregiver. During my high school time, my cousin was about eight years of age when she was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend. Of course her mother knew, but she tried to cover it up. She didn’t want her boyfriend to her. My cousin is now about the age of twelve and has been through a lot. Not only does this causes them to grow up faster, but makes her fear for the rest of her life. Fatherless children are much more likely to get into bad situations or hang with the wrong group of

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