Sugar In The 19th Century

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Is sugar once a dream of many? How do candy become popular? Why do people love sweets made with sugar? We will explore the answers to these frequently asked questions. In this essay, I will talk about sugar, a lifelong dream of many people in the 19th century. Even though sugar and candy were only accessible to rich people in those days, a young pharmacist, Oliver Chase, popularized sugar and candy. Nowadays, our societies and daily lives are filled with sugar in various forms, thanks to Chase’s invention. Sugar became so popular that people formed theories stating possible reasons why we love sugar. We will also learn the health hazard of excessive ingestion of sugar. There is a lot of history and science behind the crunchy, luscious crystals. You may say that sugar has now made a huge negative impact in our societies, and that is very true. While people get addicted to sugar with the frenzied rush and crash, horrendous diseases have been associated with consuming excessive amounts of sugar. When hearing about sugar causing diabetes, obesity, etc., many people may not think it is a big deal. But do you know that 30-35% of cancer deaths are also related with sugar …show more content…

Well, it started all the way back in 1847, when Oliver Chase turned his little remediable discs into his official candy - Chase Lozenges (now called NECCO Wafers) and also when he patented the lozenge cutter, a machine that has changed every single life in the world. His invention produced lozenges in large quantities, giving America an advantage in getting candy at very cheap prices. His candies were instantaneously popular throughout America. But then, many companies saw this as an opportunity for what they have been craving for - money. Soon, Hershey’s chocolate bars, Gobstoppers, and many more kinds of candy were born. They quickly filled and turned our world into what it is now today. People are helplessly addicted to sugar present in all kinds of

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