Suicide By Sugar Persuasive Speech

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Although sugar is seen as the public’s number one enemy. Nancy Appleton a writer who wrote Suicide By Sugar, blames the government and certain food industries for creating advertisements promoting bad sugars. But also in charge of creating the child obesity epidemic in America, endangering young children’s health in the U.S. Since some foods have artificial sugars, sugar decreases the quality of life in the U.S. Stated by the Journal of the American Heart Association Internal Medicine, “People who consumed more than a quarter of their daily calories as sugar…twice as likely to die” (Health, Richards). This statistic by a credible source pulls the audience in because they are part of that population who intake sugar and can die faster by consuming it. In which causes the audience to fear for their lives and rethink the possibility of consuming sugar. To begin, sugar can be very toxic to your body and cause your health to downfall. Since …show more content…

She also reasons that “Sugar can improved my health, folks. Nothing else changed. It was the sugar.” Now Konie uses a lot of unproven opinions in this accusation that sugar makes you healthy. Even though she uses her very own experience to connect with the audience, it is very uncredible, and she doesn’t giver nay evidence to her issue. Finally, in the very last paragraph Konie is very persuasive with ending with a great rhetorical question stating “…are you willing to listen to your body?” This is very effective in getting the audience to think about the main topic of this article. But also since sugar brings huge health problems and rises the obesity rate, shouldn’t we be listening to our bodies and not consuming sugar? Are body needs natural and healthy sugars found in fruit, etc. In order for us to have a healthy living America, it needs to start with making healthy

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