Persuasive Speech On Suicide

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Losing a loved one is very difficult to handle throughout your life. Have you ever felt like giving up on life as well because your other behalf or your loved one passed away due to suicide and not being able to see them again until the afterlife? Suicide is the act of ending your own death at your own hand to escape the pain or suffering from the world. It should be meant to enjoy life like everyone else and not taking your own life just by the opinion of others or by the disaster of the world or by any body failure you might be experiencing. Accordingly, to the organization of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, suicide becomes the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. We need to be aware of the consequences we are making not only to ourselves but to other people like our friends or family. There’s many opportunities in the world to still live by and there’s local services and programs to help out the teens, adults and even elderly people from suicide prevention. Life is tough and I know we all go to ups and downs, but we need to agree that suicide isn’t the answer to ending our lives and we need to change it. Young and elderly people commit suicide for different reasons and need different treatments. The issue of suicide has been around for quite a long time since the Middle Ages. Suicide still continues, which hasn’t disappeared, in fact, it has increased over time because due to lack of effort of attending therapy and seeking the help they need to solve

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