Persuasive Speech On Assisted Suicide

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Intro: Sometimes in life we are given a choice. Some make us happy, some we regret , and others are the most difficult decisions we will ever have to make. We all live our lives fully aware that at some point we will end up dying just like everybody else in the world no matter how much we avoid addressing the fact. You wake up everyday with the routine you have created for yourself, until you hit an unexpected bump. You have six months to live. It is a time like this in which you are faced with that big decision. Everyone tells you to make the most of it but how can that be done. Your doctor 's office becomes your second home, strapped down to hospital beds is your time to relax. You listen to the shrill beeping of the machines you have become attached to. Wires stick out of your arms as if you have become a living science experiment. It is in that time of decision making when a person must ask, is this even living? What: Over the years terminal illness has been a real struggle for many people and even their families. In more reason years a “solution”, as some may consider it had been made legal. This solution is called assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is a process where you may visit your Doctor and if you fit all of the criteria he will then provide you with lethal drugs to end your suffering. Seeing as how this has been controversial it has only become legal in Canada as of June 17, 2016. In places like Ontario the drugs prescribed for this procedure are offered for

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