Court Case: The Sydney Fikse Case

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I, Sydney Fikse, of sound mind delegate my sister, Carlie Fikse, as my agent if I enter a state where I am unable to make decision for myself. If my agent is unwilling or unable to serve as my agent, I appoint Whitney Johnson. I trust these two to make decision regarding my health and safety. I giver her permission to consent to or refuse any medical, surgical, or hospital health care I may need. This power of attorney is applicable is the case that I am unable to speak or soundly make decisions for myself. Here are some wishes I have in a medical crisis.

1. If I am diagnosed with a terminal disease, I do not wish to live in a state that is prolonged with the use of life support. 2. If it is evident that I am with child, I would like …show more content…

If I with stand permanent and serve brain damage, I do not wish to receive life-support treatment. 5. I do not require that there be a friend or family member in my hospital room at all times. I would prefer them to continue to live their lives despite my current condition. 6. I give consent to harvest any organs that could be used in a transplant to help another patient if doctor’s have concluded that I am most likely not going to recover.

My license indicates that I have signed and agreed to organ donation with the state of South Dakota in the event of a medical crisis.

I give my agent full power to consent to or refuse any medical treatment advised.

Sydney Fikse
April 19, 2017
2:30 PM

The values that prompted my decisions had to do with quality of life for me and my friends and family and the ability to save another life. I do not want to continue to live a life in which I am bed-ridden and do not have the ability to breathe and live on my own. The book says, “ in many cultures, comes in its own time,“ (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2015, p. 264). Just as the quote says, it is my time to pass along and even as I think about it now I can accept that. I also don’t want my friends and family to dedicate their time to my recovery or vegetative state. There is nothing they could do to help me recover from whatever illness is keeping me in the hospital. I would feel better knowing they are continuing to live their lives. The other value I based my decisions

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